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Welcome to our beta site.

Please note that we are still in the early stages of development so more content will be added over the next few months. Join us now for free to make the most of the site and to access our special offers in the Club. We also welcome your Feedback on the site…


4 good reasons for joining SMARTMAGPIE



1We offer a safe, family-friendly environment for parents and children, with a pick and mix selection of learning sites and apps for 4 – 11 years old, across a range of subjects and interests. Get your child started on e-learning and read our BLOG for news, views and reviews.


3We offer special deals for our members to subscribe to leading educational products at a fraction of normal home subscriptions, and make quality e-learning affordable at home. See our special offers on BrainPOP, Maths-Whizz and more, once you join.


2Our experts have over 20 years experience in online learning. Go to THE LEARNING NEST for our pick of the best e-learning resources and collect all your favourite learning gems in one place. ASK THE EXPERT if you’d like more personalised help or need advice in a particular area.


4We offer family-friendly CHALLENGE activities that keep learning fun – enjoy a learning gem together, complete a quiz, write a story, see your child’s work published online, and win rewards!


“Dear Smartmagpie, thanks for that wonderful game and at the beginning it was hilarious when the robot kept on splashing (water on) the human… this was my best game on my iPad! [BrainPOP] … William, aged 7”



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Featured Gems in The Learning Nest

BrainPOP UK – animated movies with cross-curricular content

Short animated movies, packed with facts and quizzes, covering a wide range of topics… Check out the daily movie in The Learning Nest…

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First News – children’s newspaper

Award-winning newspaper in the UK specifically targeted at children aged 7 to 14… available online and in print. A useful resource to get your child reading…

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Maths-Whizz – online maths tutor

Online maths tutor which provides animated maths lessons tailored to child’s Maths-Age….

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